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February LC Contract (1/5/22)

Published by BeefBasis

@mbacowboy – January 5, 2022 This is an interesting monthly chart of February Live Cattle, comparing the breakout from the last cattle cycle to the recent breakout in this cattle cycle. The trendlines are identical. If the mirror pattern continues, Feb could trade sideways for several more months.

March Feeder Cattle (1/4/21)

Published by BeefBasis

@mbacowboy – January 4, 2022 A break in August live cattle combined with higher corn prices rocked March feeder cattle today. We knew a break was coming, and I doubt we put in the high for the year yesterday. The contract could still easily break another $4 before rallying.

March Feeder Cattle

Published by BeefBasis

@mbacowboy – December 3, 2021 March Feeder cattle have followed similar resistance slopes on rallies, and two different support slopes on corrections. Following these trendlines, March could see $170 next week if this was a short term correction, or $160-$165 if this correction continues.